About me

" Everything you want in life is going to be fueled by the business you build "

Russell Brunson

Dafne Hernández Ruiz

I am passionate about the synergy between marketing and design. My career path began in sales, where after 6 years I discovered my innate talent for connecting with customers and getting results. In 2020, I embraced my true calling as a marketer and UX, freeing my creativity and analytical mindset to create exceptional web experiences. Whether it’s delving into the complexities of UX design, building intuitive websites or optimizing conversions through CRO, I thrive on the challenge of creating impactful digital solutions.

Symbiotic relationship

As a self-taught and proactive person I am always looking to learn and improve in the projects I am involved in, as I have always taken my work very seriously and try to provide the best result in the company or team.

My professions: imagine, create and design.

My offer: to give my best and treat your project as if it were my own.

My needs: companies that want to enhance their brand.

Dafne Hernández Ruiz