This list has been made in a sort of what I like to do most.

Web design

Design and development of website, blog, landing page, etc. using CMS (WordPress/Elementor) / Maintenance and control of the website / Creation of templates for pages and posts / Shortcode / Dynamic content forms / Implementation of tracking tags.


Conversion funnel analysis and testing / Heuristic evaluations / Google Analytics audits / Benchmarking and competitor auditing / Design and optimization of visual elements / Heatmaps / A/B testing / Neuromarketing

UX Design

User research / User story creation and objective solutions / KPIs /  Wireframes and interactive prototyping / Web architecture, experience and usability.

Digital Marketing

SWOT analysis / SMART / Segmentation and buyer personas / Competitor audit / Defining your digital channels / Lead generation / Measuring results and KPIs

Inboud Marketing

Management strategies / Analysis of consumer behavior / Advertising communication / Lead Magnet

Google Analytics

Web traffic and conversion / Reporting and KPIs / create custom views / Filtering / event tracking / UTM parameters / load speed monitoring / behavioral streams.

Content Marketing

Content mapping/ Web Scrapping/ Storytelling / SEO Blogging / Content Calendar / Goal Setting and Tracking.

Email Marketing

Writing and scheduling or sending a large broadcast / Setting up an email sequence to nurture the audience / A/B testing / Designing and creating pages or pop-ups / Newsletter.

Leads management

Design and implementation of lead generation / UTMs parameters /  Acquisition and nurturing of leads by means of campaigns