Project name:

En forma Gym

My role:




En Forma Gym is an app for old gyms, which providedifferent features and serivices. Helping the users to reserve the training class based in their levels, needs and goals.

For this project, we decided to use a goal-directed design method which revolves around focusing on our persona creation and goals.

Key challenge:

  1. The customers of the gym, don’t have an app to reserve a training class as well as a
    training report.
  2. Users do not have enough information about the training classes.
  3. Most of the time, users must to pay on site.
  4. The user cannot track their progress in the gym.


The website provides information regarding the entire membership process;

  1. Training information.
  2. Equipment of each room (videos, photos, and available activities).
  3. Individual classes.
  4. Types of memebresia
  5. Enrolment process

Research study details:

As UX Research Lead, I guided the team through five different research methodologies to collect data on each facet of the prompt in order to answer our research goals.

Sketches and protypes:

User testing result:

Our team created a prototype from low fidelity wireframes and prepared a 16 question survey for participants to fill out before conducting a usability test. We asked 16 different participants to run through different scenarios in our prototype in hopes of garnering enough feedback to use for our next set of design iterations.

Usability study:


  1. The users missed a summary with all the classes in the equipments page.
  2. Cancelation policy wasn’t clear
  3. Not enough payment options.
  4. The users miss a breadscumbs to know in what part of the suscription are.
  5. No clear differentiation between the different plans that exist.

Accessibility considerations:

Before we have many windows and the process was a bit longer, and the user was lost in the procress.

Provided universally recognised icons to help make navigation easier to understand, as well as
change the colors and components’ design.

We have included more information regarding the subscription process, as well as information and transparency.


After the usability study we had to make all the modifications to meet user’s needs.

Here mockups that we created.

More than a subscription, it is an opportunity to know your potential.

On this website we wanted to show users that we are not just a gym, we help you to have all the information about your progress and know your potential.

  • Information about all classes and their dates.
  • The equipment of each room.

An easy and transparent purchasing process.

With a clean and professional style checkout process we want to make the subscription process easy to navigate.


After carrying out a study of our users, prioritising their needs, as well as what they think of the usability of the website, we believe that we have developed a website according to their needs.