Project name:

YourDentist App

My role:




YourDentist is a mobile application that can help to book your next appointment in your favourite dentist clinic. YourDentist is the easiest way to book your appointment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For this project, we decided to use a goal-directed design method which revolves around focusing on our persona creation and goals.

Key challenge:

The process of finding a dentist that fits our needs and schedule is complicated and sometimes frustrating, especially for more specific treatments.
Also communicating with your dentist, or downloading a medical report is not as common, because there is no database to share with clients, there has always been a barrier.
We wanted to analyse what problems people are facing and how we could solve them by putting users at the centre of this research.


Yourdentist App gives you the opportunity to find the dentist you are looking for, and to make appointments with them, as well as to find information such as medical history, communication chat with the clinic in question.

Research study details:

As UX Research Lead, I guided the team through five different research methodologies to collect data on each facet of the prompt in order to answer our research goals.

Sketches and protypes:

User testing result:

Our team created a prototype from low fidelity wireframes and prepared a 16 question survey for participants to fill out before conducting a usability test. We asked 16 different participants to run through different scenarios in our prototype in hopes of garnering enough feedback to use for our next set of design iterations.

Usability study:


  1. The users didn’t have an option to know the address of the clinic in their appointments.
  2. The users didn’t have the overview of the appointments.
  3. The users didn’t have an option to know the address of the clinic in their appointments.

Accessibility considerations:

Before we have many windows and the process was a bit longer, but now after the usability study we simplify all the process into a few steps.

Provided universally recognised icons to help make navigation easier to understand, as well as
change the colors and components’ design.

Provided more information to the user’s profile. So she/he can download a medical report, cancel an appointment, etc


After the usability study we had to make all the modifications to meet user’s needs.

Here mockups that we created-

An App with multiples options

In the main menu of the app, you will be able to see the next scheduled appointments, make a new appointment with your favourite dentist by analysing the location and preferences.

Easy and intuitive

Book several appointments at the same time in case you want to book for several days or for your family members.


Make appointments at your trusted clinic in a simple way and with the freedom to choose the same day, as well as to change it, without having to call the dentist.